Attorney Brenda Moses discusses the importance of receiving payment for large medical expenses before settling your claim.

In general, if your case has been accepted as workers’ compensation, it is often best to delay settling with the insurer until your most expensive medical care has been completed.  Once you settle with the insurer on a full and final basis, the insurer will no longer pay for any part of your case – which means that they will no longer be responsible for any of the medical bills arising from your injury.  To have the insurance carrier pay for surgeries, physical therapy, and specialty doctors, wait to settle until after you have already received this kind of expensive medical care.  Don’t assume that your private insurance carrier will pay for your workers’ compensation related bills after your case settles – they don’t have to.  Remember that the insurance carrier cannot force you to settle; it is your decision.  Whether or not to settle, when to settle, and for how much are all important considerations, so before you discuss settlement with the insurance carrier please contact us.