After you report your injury (and it is an accepted injury) the employer or carrier is supposed to offer you a panel of three physicians.  Picking a doctor is a very important decision because once you choose your doctor, he becomes your authorized treating physician. 

Many people simply look at the list and choose the one closest to them; however, it is wise to research the doctor you are selecting, as some are better than others.   Sometimes an emergency room will also refer you to a physician for follow-up care.   In an accepted workers’ compensation case, you are entitled to mileage reimbursement for authorized treatment, so traveling a little further is still covered.

After you have selected your doctor, contact the workers’ compensation carrier (or your attorney if you are represented) to get your first appointment scheduled.  The carrier will provide the doctor’s office with authorization and carrier information so that all medical billing will be sent to the carrier.    

If you are not provided a panel of physicians, or your case is denied, please contact us.  It is important to treat promptly for your injuries.