With an established workers compensation case, and with your authorized treating physician continuing to say you are either totally or partially disabled from work as a result of your workers’ compensation injury, you can be paid up to 500 weeks of wage replacement benefits.  Medical benefits related to your workers’ compensation injury are lifetime (if you don’t settle your claim).   However, many injured workers are paid far less than 500 weeks of wage replacement benefits as their doctor clears them to return to full duty work (which will stop wage replacement benefits) or as other issues arise that result in the workers’ compensation carrier trying to stop wage replacement benefits.   There is a way to get around the 500-week wage replacement limitation and have wage replacement benefits paid for a lifetime; this can be done if you are deemed to be totally and permanently disabled from your workers compensation injury.   This is a high bar to reach, as you would need to have significant impairment from the workers compensation injury to either both legs, both arms, or severe brain damage.

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