This is a common question from people who want to settle their workers’ compensation claim but would like to keep their lifetime casually related medical coverage in case they need care later.   This is a valid concern, and your medical situation is a big factor in deciding whether or not to settle. 

In theory, it is possible to settle only the wage replacement benefits, with leaving the medical benefits open, and this does (rarely) occur.  Unfortunately, in most cases, the insurance carrier will not settle a case with an agreement to keep medical benefits open.  This is because part of the essay writer help value to the insurance carrier in settling is to be able to completely close your case and not have any further monetary exposure after the settlement monies are paid. 

The value of the future medical benefits is considered within the settlement amount, and the timing of a settlement is important (if you are having surgery soon, holding off on settlement may make sense; if you are only occasionally treating settlement may be a good option). 

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